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Friday, July 1, 2011

Win a pair of Moxi Rollerskates! -NAME THIS TRICK CONTEST-

You read that right, we're giving away a pair of Moxi Rollerskates!


It's my blog's first birthday and to celebrate I'm partnering with Moxi Rollerskates to host my very first contest. The zoo pattern are my favorite Moxi skates because they're the EDGIEST, so that's the pair we're giving away. Not your favorite? Too bad! Because this contest is to win a free pair of MOXI ZOO SKATES! (Your size!)

I know, I know, you're wondering how to enter, right?

All you have to do is NAME THIS TRICK.

This is me and my buddy Estro Jen spinning in circles! This trick has some frilly ice skating name but we think it needs a derby name. You know how Dump Truck coined the term "Power Jam" right? Well this could be your time to shine! You could go down in skating history!

TO ENTER: Come up with a snazzy new name for this best buddies trick. Estro Jen and I will be choosing the winner solely based on WHICH NAME WE LIKE THE BEST and announcing the winner on my blog AND the Moxi Rollerskate shop blog by midnight California time on AUGUST 6th. That's right, you have one whole month to come up with something clever, so make your entry good! You must "like" Auntie Social's facebook fan page in order to be eligible to win. One entry per person. Submit your entry by posting your trick name on Auntie Social's facebook page OR the Moxi Rollerskates facebook page. We will confirm your entry has been received by "liking" your post. Check back on August first when we unveil the trick's new name and announce a winner!

RULES AND RESTRICTIONS: You have to live in the United States, but as long as you live in the lower 48, if you win we will ship your skates to you. We will double check contestant pages to see that you have "liked" Auntie Social's page on facebook before officially confirming a winner, so make sure you like me!