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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rollercon 2011 Hot/Not List

Auntie Social’s RollerCon 2011 Hot/Not List

Hot                                                    Not

Metallic Helmets                              Granny Panties
Full Coverage                                   Tampon Strings
Flasks                                                Koozies
Big Bushes                                        Mustaches
Side Ponies                                        Mullets
Having Fun                                        Being Cool
Falling in the Pool                             Puking in the Pool
Skate Safe Campaign                         Free limo to After Party
Taking the Stairs                                Waiting for/Getting stuck in the elevator
Roller Pros                                         Roller Hos

1 comment:

  1. Wow, the NOT list is very interesting and I'm trying to picture how those items were spotted and/or used by others (i.e. Granny Panties, tampon strings, and MULLETS!).

    P.S. Getting stuck in an elevator once. I was too tired and forgot to push what floor I wanted so someone at the first floor called the Elevator and that was pretty scarey. Elevators still trip me out a tad.