Welcome, or fuck you, depending.
I'm not here to tell you how many calories you can burn roller skating, I'm here to incite and entertain.
Take me or leave me.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Objective: To create chaos and disorder in a community of otherwise peaceful participants, for no particular reason. Motive still undetermined.

Modus Operandi: Carrying out covert secret ops with stealth and cunning.

Previous Infiltrations: NCRG, Sac City, The Bay Bombers, Undead Bettys, SVRG, East Bay Roller Derby, LBRD, Hollywood, and your mom.

Special Skills: Master of Assholery, Secret Agent in training.

Current Projects: Rollercon 2011

Future Infiltrations:
• Space (or the past)
• Mainstreet, USA, Disneyland
• The Eiffel Tower

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