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Monday, July 18, 2011

Ultimate Beach Party/Moxi Junior Street Team

This past weekend Alfredo’s by the beach hosted the first annual Ultimate Beach Party at Cherry Bluff in Long Beach. Vendors and merchants were present for the weekend of fun along with musicians and the Moxi Junior Street Team. Moxi and friends had a vert ramp set up on the beach and boarders and roller skaters alike skated side by side in an epic rolling rumble.

The highlight of the weekend was definitely Moxi’s Junior Street Team. Recently Moxi Skate Shop decided to sponsor four exceptional skater tots! Killer Bee Killed, Syd Vicious, Astro Star and Lucky Harm have been chosen to represent Moxi and take to the streets for promotions and flyering. Read more below!

"We are introducing our first ever Moxi Street Team to the City of Long Beach. We have invited 4 youngsters to be our very first sponsored skaters to support them in their continued journey as well-rounded, talented & skilled lifestyle roller skaters. Team Skaters will receive special discounts and free shwag at Moxi Roller Skate Shop!." –Moxi

Estro Jen with some Junior Girls at Ultimate Beach Party

I am very excited about this and I love supporting junior skaters. I think it’s great that Moxi is reaching out to not only help junior skaters, but elevate the sport as a whole and expose the community to a new side of the sport. While it was disappointing that I couldn’t skate because of my recent concussion, I had a blast watching all the kiddies rockin’ and rollin’ on the ramps. I look forward to keeping everyone updated on these awesome kidlets.

Check out some of these shots from the weekend and like them on facebook!