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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blade Blog and Keith Stone

Recently Jerry Seltzer gave Blade a little shout out on that ever popular social networking hub facebook. Even though I gave up facebook for lent, (23 days and counting) my friend who skates with Coach Blade and knows I like his style had to text me to inform me that J. Seltz, whom I love and respect, was singing Blade's praises on the interwebz.

Jerry Seltzer
 - March 26th
Please don't anybody take this wrong, but after watch the RMRG and LADD game last night, I wish you all had the advantage of either working with Blade Gallagher, Cliff Butler in the west, Judy Sowinski and Skip Schoen in Philly. There is an art to skating the banked track that is a thing of beauty and it wasn't there! I don't just mean one team.

And I was glad, because Blade deserves recognition and Jerry has some clout. I thought I'd keep the ball rolling on exposing his talent by giving him a mention myself. I've been trying to get him to write a guest blog, (like about the time he skated at the Grammy after party) or allow me to write a feature piece on him, (if only he would answer my interview questions) but it hasn't happened quite yet. If you want a little taste and also some background on how we know each other, read my blog 75 Years of Roller Derby: A Diamond Celebration. Fortunately however, Jerry's words of wisdom collide with the airing of a recent commercial Blade happens to be in: he doubles for Keith Stone in this...

(or watch here-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2RWDr1HEso)

And as always, check out his skate school.

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