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Saturday, March 19, 2011

DIY Derby: The Perfect Match

This is more inspiration from my trip to Long Beach this past week.

Actually, I have been in love with this thing since the moment I saw it months ago, and have been meaning to feature it ever since. I just now got around to taking a snap shot and telling you all about it.

Here it is: The Perfect Match.

Darn it. I knew I should have taken a picture of it next to something. It’s probably about a little more than a foot high, to give you some perspective.

When I saw it hanging on the wall in Estro’s shop I couldn’t stop studying it. I could immediately tell how cool it was and had an instant appreciation for the craftsmanship.  I was drawn to it. I had questions and kept walking around it looking at it from every angle.

Estro was delighted in the interest I took and was beaming from ear to ear with a huge smile. “My dad made that! He calls it ‘The Perfect Match’” she said with a giggle.

I was in love. Kindred spirits. Her dad, or this match book, or the whole idea of it, -and me. I don’t know. Some people get other people’s art, and some people never  get it at all. Some people get your humor or not. Me? I GOT this match book. I could see what it was all about, and I dug it.

My biggest sadness about The Perfect Match is that it is enclosed in a protective plastic case. I understand why, but it really cannot be fully appreciated unless you can realize the whole scope of the craftsmanship. You can open it and there are actually matches inside! The detail is impeccable. It even has a staple that is to scale holding the thing together. I love how the book is closed slightly offset. I just love everything about it.

I guess one reason why I love it is because in 7th grade my math teacher assigned us a similar project. It was really neat. We were studying proportions and percentages, so we had to pick an everyday object and re-create it  either several sizes bigger, or smaller- and attach the appropriate equations to prove yours was to scale. I blew up a Crayola marker box. It was fun. I used to do assignments like that all the time in school and it is only in hindsight that I realize that was an ART project. And one cool math teacher.

Another reason I love it though it because it’s such a cute Dad thing to do. My dad would do something like that for me if I had a roller skate shop. It was like her dad recognized that she had found her true calling- her and Moxi skates- they are undeniably a perfect match. So what better pop art to be hanging on the wall in her cute little shop?

It’s bloody brilliant. Either you get it, or you don’t.

It has repeatedly inspired me to again create something similar, like my middle school days in math class- but just for the sake of art. My inspiration has yet to appear to me in a vision so it hasn’t happened yet, but if it does I’ll be sure to post pictures.

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