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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Law of Attraction and Monkey Pillows

I believe in the power of attraction. You know, fate, the power of the universe, stars aligning, whatever. If you repeatedly think a thought, consciously or subconsciously, you are sending it out into the universe like a wish. It truly is the idea of "all thoughts are prayers". It's how come I've ended up here, in LA, writing about roller derby. Because I've thought about nothing else for 5 years. There was no plan, the universe brought me here. So, if something keeps coming to you in your life, in whatever way or form, you should take notice and try and find out why. I have a theory, that it takes 2 or 3 times to really notice, and if that thing comes to you a 4th time, and you still ignore it, well- we call that a lost opportunity, and it ain't never coming back.

My dad heard a story of a little tradition a long time ago, that he liked and decided to adopt in his own life. After he told it to me, I adopted the same practice. The story goes like this- two business men were out to lunch and they hadn't seen each other in awhile. Upon meeting one gentleman says to the other, "By gosh, now that's a smart hat!" And the other thanks him. Again, when leaving the restaurant, the first man again says, "I sure do like that hat." They stood outside the restaurant chatting before parting ways, and before the hatted man got into a taxi, the other man reiterated one more time, "I just MUST pick myself up a hat like that. It is very stylish". With that, the other man's expression changed to one of compassion and his eyes lit up. ding ding ding. "You've said the magic words my friend. I have a belief that if someone compliments me on something three separate times, it was meant to be theirs, Here you go". And hands the man his hat. The other man apologized profusely and tried to explain, "No no no, that's not what I meant" but it was too late. Besides, it was out of his control at that point. The man had a staunch belief and he had to stick by it. He HAD to take the hat. Out of principle.

Of course, it's not good to tell people you hold this belief, because they will start eyeing your things and complimenting you on them willy nilly. It's a secret you hold deep inside, and you start tallying people's compliments. After all, they're just things, and it feels so good to do. I've only done this once, but it was a magical experience. In college for a brief time, maybe 6 months, I had two male roommates. While living with them I made a monkey pillow. A pillow that looked like a monkey, yes. It had a tail and a cute little monkey face and everything. My roommate Rich fell in love with it and everytime he came home and saw me stitching he'd compliment me on it. Halfway through the pillow I knew I was making it for him. He just loved it so much. It was only right.

For years everytime I saw Rich out and about or ran into him, he'd bring up that pillow. He was so TOUCHED I could just GIVE IT AWAY, without a thought or a care. But you see, that pillow was never really mine in the first place. It was ALWAYS Rich's. You see?

And now, the idea of skate dancing has come to me for a 4th time, manifested in yet another form. There are all these signs telling me, START A DANCE TROUPE ON SKATES.

I can't ignore it.

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