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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tesla Turbine

Today East Bay Roller Derby is wishing our very own
Tesla Turbine #999 a Happy Birthday!


I met Tesla while skating with the Undead Bettys. We recently have bonded while forming our own league the East Bay Roller Derby. Though it has only been a short while, I honestly believe I could not have done this without her. Tesla’s calm and professional demeanor has helped me through many stressful times already, and she is always supportive and optimistic. Our team is incredibly fortunate to have her. Not only does she have the skill and know-how to help run the executive committee and perform a lot of the tasks I have no clue about, she is a consummate skater and coach. With 10 years hockey experience under her belt and an excellent understanding of pack strategy, expect to see Tesla Turbine as one of the amazing players of derby’s future.

Happy Birthday Tesla!
With love from all your EBRD sisters,


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  1. Awwww thanks you so much! It has been an honor to assist in starting East Bay Roller Derby!