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Thursday, September 2, 2010

90210 Day and other Cool 90’s Things

I hate to be a cop out and post a blog filled with links and not much content but today is a most notable date in history, and it won’t ever happen again.  It’s 90210 day! Being a 90’s child myself this show had a perma-spot on my afterschool line up. I simply could not let this day pass without documenting it’s once in a lifetime historic significance.

I found a clip from the unforgettable Beverly Hills saga featuring some speed ice skating. (Roller Derby wasn’t too big in the 90’s.)


You fart knockers and posers may also remember other greats of the 90’s such as roller blades and Hansen. Please enjoy this awesomely nostalgic video showcasing some totally sweet bladin’.  


You know, in the moment I never gave Hansen the credit they deserved. But a decade later when I care a lot less about how cool I am, I willingly embrace my generation and rock this unashamedly.

Skating makin’ you thirsty? Grab some Sunny D, it’s got healthy junk!


And who could forget the radically awesome movie Prayer of the Roller Boys set in the future where, “It’s gonna take one man and his blades to save the world from another man and HIS blades”? (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102703/taglines)


Totally Radical. (NOT!)

If you don’t think the 90’s were the bomb, you must be buggin’.

Gotta bounce.

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  1. well that sucks my 90210 video isn't working on my 90210 blog. crappy!