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Monday, September 13, 2010

Week Four: A Reflection on the Question...

How did I start a roller derby league?

I went to a party on Labor Day in Chico where I went to College. Some old friends asked me what was new, and the only thing that was new was well, “I started a roller derby league”. This doesn’t really shock my friends because roller derby is all that has come out of my mouth for years, but I guess the fact that our facebook page is nearing 200 friends and my constant status updates have actually peaked enough interest to earn me a “Ya I saw that on facebook. How’d you do that anyways?”

I was speechless. I honest to god did not know what to say in response to that. I stared dumbly at the grass, and the guy literally just went on speaking to someone else, while I blanked out thinking to myself “how the fuck DID I start a roller derby league?”

I had beer in me and frankly my mind was a jarbled mess, and I thought “facebook, flyers, um… blackberry commericial, pizza party…” haha. Like, how your life flashes before your eyes before you die? -Little blurbs of the last 3 weeks all flashed before my eyes in a drunken labor day haze and I was confused. Impressed with my own success, and flabbergasted.

Tonight was no different when I jumped up and down with glee as I counted 10 whole bodies doing actual pack work and not just T Stops and Plows.  I couldn’t restrain myself.

This practice was the beginning of week four of EBRD. 10 girls showed up, including one new member, bringing our total to 14 committed skaters, -a whole team! In less than a month!

Did I mention tonight is the beginning of week 4 and we are doing pack work? Ya. Seriously. Celebration is in order.

But while we press on, I will continue to reflect and ponder that question… Because I had been wanting to start a league for years, and have had a few failed attempts, and I myself am not even sure what came together to make it stick this time. I’ll tell you when I figure it out.

What I do know for now is, I have Nancy and Scott- my fellow supportive executive committee members, to thank.

Mad Derby Love for you both


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