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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rollerblade Girl's Skating Mix

Before I was Auntie Social, I was rollerblade girl.  I even considered “Rollerblade Girl” as a derby name. I’m that skater in your town that keeps zipping past you while you’re dining on main street or shopping at the farmer’s market, and I’ve always got music blasting. Not only is the pace of the music a good motivator to keep skating hard and fast, but a good distraction when people who gawk or yell things out at you. And believe me, they do. One time while skating in Chico I passed a group of skate boarders loitering in a grocery store parking lot.  They were all sitting on a curb and as they saw me approach quickly collaborated something, and when I passed all launched their skateboards into the street at me. I masterfully performed a hop, skip and a jump and was on my way with a “Nice Try Boys” out of my mouth, …though to this day- I wish I had picked up one of their skate boards and booked it like hell yelling, “You can’t catch me!!!” Next time, …next time….

Anyway, wondering what I’m listening to as I whiz past? Here’s a taste.
“Skating Mix"
Circa sometime in College (2006-2008?)

This playlist is directly from my ipod, no omissions.

[This is the first track]

Rolling: Soul Coughing

Sound System: Op Ivy

Push It: Salt N’ Peppa

Rude Forever: MONKEY!

My Perrogative: Bobby Brown

Whip It: Devo

The Spirit of Radio: Rush

Cha-Cha-Ska: MONKEY!

Bad Reputation: Joan Jett

Go With Your Friends: Reverend Horton Heat

Fishgilz: Tin Circus

Punk Rock Girl: Dead Milkmen

Hey Young World Pt.2: Macy Gray

Before Too Long: Tin Cirucs

Get Free: The Vines

Fell in Love with a Girl: The White Stripes

Bohemian Rhapsody: Queen

Last Night: The Strokes

I Can’t Win: The Strokes

Highly Evolved: The Vines

Shankbon: The Slackers

What a Wonderful World: Joey Ramone

[This is the last track]

There it is. One of my favorites, and still in regular circulation. Gunna go skate right now.

Hugs N’ Shoves,

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