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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On being a "Princess Jammer"

This puts a whole new spin on the term: 
“Roller Skating Queen”

Recently I was told that I am a princess jammer. Not by someone who thought I was a princess jammer, but by someone who had been told I was a princess jammer, (behind my back, like it was an insult or something).  I had to have them explain to me what it means. Basically, it means I depend too much on assists and my blockers to get me through the pack.  If you ask me, the term just sounds like and excuse for bad blocking strategy. Roller derby is both a defensive and offensive game. As a jammer, I will sometimes get heat for hesitating at the back of the pack instead of plowing through fearlessly. And more often times than not, the criticism comes from a fellow teammate who blocks and very rarely jams. (After all, why would another jammer who understands the pressure of being the only point scorer give me shit?) Ya I like assists, who doesn’t? That’s why they’re called assists. And more importantly, why should I enter the pack if I have no trust my team will block on my behalf? I don’t think blockers not helping me is malicious, I think too much faith is placed in me as a jammer, and so blockers focus entirely on the opposing jammer. I may be fast but I’m small and I don’t like getting hit. I need you. I’m not a prima donna, I’m just good at what I’m good at. Instead of placing the blame on me, have more faith in yourself and your abilities, and what you have to offer the game as a blocker. 

So I guess if me liking assists and enjoying playing those aspects of the game (like getting whips) make me a “princess jammer” I will accept it. But then you have to choose to accept being an Amazon Warrior : protector of your princess jammer. 

Whip me! I’m delicate.

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