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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Name Plea: To Ann T. Social, From Auntie Social

Dear Ann T. Social,

If you’re anything like me, you dreaded this day: the day another skater would ask you permission for a similar roller derby name. But before you turn me down, please, PLEASE hear my plea.

My name is Auntie Social.

I was originally registered on the National Roller Girl Registry in the winter of 2006 with the NorCal RollerGirls. At the time, there were no other “Auntie” themed names. I was under the impression I had made up “Auntie Social” on a long car drive with my brother, (the memory of which is now very near and dear to my heart).

I skated with the NorCal Roller Girls for two whole seasons with the teams The Hustlers, The VooDoo Dolls, The Messy Betties and Pirates Booty, all under the name Auntie Social. When I left Chico, I briefly joined the Sac City Rollers, also skating under the name Auntie Social, but did not stay long enough with them to bout.

By 2008 NCRG re-registered their roster and I, no longer on it, dropped off the National Roller Girl Name registry.

In the Winter of 2009 I joined Antioch’s Undead Bettys, also skating under the name Auntie Social. By then the name registry told me it was too similar to Ann T. Social, (though I don’t understand why you were allowed to register your name, as I was registered under Auntie Social at the time you were registered. Go figure).

Now, I am starting my own league in the San Francisco East Bay called East Bay Roller Derby. It would absolutely break my heart to not be allowed to skate under the name I’ve skated with for nearing 5 years now. Seeing as we are on complete opposite coasts we would probably never bout each other.  Included are several pictures, which to me represent priceless memories, of the legacy Auntie Social has already created. Please consider allowing me to skate with the name that has already earned me so many fans.

Derby Love,
Auntie Social

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