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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vote for DumpTruck!

If you all don't know who Dump Truck is you really should.

 He's from Mississippi and got his start emceeing and announcing for Roller Derby over half a decade ago. He is known for his crazy antics and "willingness to do just about anything". If you don't recognize him from his crazy costumes and sparkly unitards, you will surely recognize his distinct voice. One of the main announcers for DNN and podcasters for Derby Deeds his voice is one of the most, (dare I say it?) THE MOST well known voice in roller derby. He can also be heard on the Jam City Rollergirls video game. I first met Dump Truck when he announced for Long Beach's second season game opener. (The night was epic! Not only was it the season opener and the league's first banked track game, but Dump Truck was on the mic and Blade and Quadzilla were in attendance to guest coach. Read about it here).

But I'm really here to show you HIS AWESOME NEW EMCEE PAGE and encourage you to vote for it on about.me . You see, if he wins, he gets a billboard in Times Square. And promotion of roller derby anywhere is promotion of roller derby everywhere! (Unless you're the Bay Bombers.) In other words, if he wins, we all win. So you should vote!

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