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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just some funny Rollercon quotes

Found in the stairwell

 That’s about the best tittie fuck you’re gona get with me: a sharpie and an A cup.

She’s like the Meg Whitman of Rollercon! She paid all that money and didn’t step through the doors once.

Oh, so you’re taking your boobs down to the pool?

Auntie Social: “Hey Commissioner, What’s up!”
Jerry Seltzer: “Oh just me, every time I see you”

Come on, what professional sporting event has someone in a vagina costume?

Next year for Rollercon, I’m going to grow my bush out really long and put an afro pick in it.

She’s a DREAMBOAT. (Trust me, it was funny).

“Um…Hello? there’s a LINE.” “I’m not cutting, I’m taking the stairs bitch, I’m young and my legs work”.

I just texted him, I wrote on that guy’s facebook wall, and I tried to add this other guy. Wait, shit. I’M A ROLLER HO!

Auntie Social, you’re not funny! STOP!  [Paraphrased.] -Tweeted by Rollercon*

*(Everything else was said by me except the Dreamboat quote).

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