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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And the Winner is...!

Okay, I've dragged this out long enough!

THE WINNING ENTRY IS THE FO SHWIVEL! (Submitted by Sheri Mahlke).

Let me tell you why I love this entry. In case you are not hip to the jive, it is based off the slang term "Fo Shizzle" as in, "Fo Shizzle My Nizzle" popularized by the rap superstar Snoop Dogg. For those who do not know, Snoop Dogg is from Long Beach California. Long Beach is the home of Moxi Rollerskates. These are the reasons that factored into my choice.


Circle Jerks: By Shakira Glover because we’re definitely a couple of jerks
Spin Cycle: By Heidi Garman because it feels like we’re in a washing machine
Sista Twista: By Diane Elias, for being the first to win my mini contest of guessing the winner.

I loved many of the names, and so many were just so clever that I had to mention a few of my favorites.


Ring around the Moxis: By Jessica Manual-Lofton for using the word Moxi
Auntie Gravitational Pull: By Stacey BCubed Duvall for using my name
The Smoothie Maker: By Killer Bee Killed because we like the imagery it evokes
Tossing the Salad: By Pia Mess – makes me think of puking!
Japanese Ninja Bears: By Jumbo Jett becaue it was the weirdest one
Vomit Comet: By Anita Nother
The Royal Flush (because toilet bowl was too crude): By Keren Lowell (we go the other direction in Australia)
Whirling Girlish: By Richard Simmons because I think it’s clever

There were some R rated names that I felt were good enough to win but we wanted to keep it G rated, so my favorite risqué entries are as follows:

2 Fukuyup: By Dawnell Wickespeedia Smith- I’m not sure why I like this name so much but I do. Also, my roller derby name was almost Speedy GoneLawless, (as in Speedy Gonzales) and her name reminds me of it!

The Whoretex: By Frankie Rogers. I love this name, it’s just so fucking crass. But Estro wasn’t down.

Me and Pigeon doing the Fo Shwivel outside of Moxi.

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