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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The contest is closed! Plus, every name submitted, ever!

The Name That Trick contest for the Moxi Rollerskates is NOW CLOSED!

But here are all the names submitted for the trick, thanks for entering!

[62 total entries.]

The name : it’s creator

The Smoothie Maker: Killer Bee
The Rolling Dervish: Wendy Knaub
The Texas Tornado: Eric Keller
Twisted Sister Blister: Vickie Jones
Tossing the Salad: Pia Mess
Bloody Mary Go Round: Darkjester
The Sugar Blender: Miranda “Rosie” Rivera
The Buzz Saw: Susan Chase
The Tilt-A-Whirl: Marcela “Doogie Rouser” Marquez
The Ghetto Bird: Surly Temple
Cross 16: Eva Rodriguez
Renegade Roller Comikaze: Kate Devius
The Dizz Bang: Jeanne Sause Graham
Auntie Gravitational Pull: Stacey Bcubed Duvall
The FoShwivel: Sheri Mahlke
The Whirley Bird: Bryce Allen Fleharty
Luv Circle: Nick Dalai Gleason-Schmuck
Circle Jerk-Roll: Megan Megronomikon Whittaker
Circle Jerks: Shakira Glover
The Kama Spintra: Mel ‘Kit’ Sperduto
Warped Whirl/Socially Spun: Venus Bontadelli
Twirly Whirley: Amber Smith
Spin Cycle: Heidi Garman
Twirlin’ Tacos: Roxie Box
Twista Sista: Teri Minter
Sin Bin Spin: Kristine Baloga
Ring around the Moxis: Jessica Manuel-Lofton
The Hell Spin: McKenzie Hobbs
The Cheeri-O! : Rochelle Belvis
Whirly Girlie: Shelley Doljack
Furl: Gigi Hernandez
Gal-ee-Oop! : Fabian Flores
Sista Twista: Diane Elias
Screw-Driving: Alyson McCoy
The HERicane: Tina Rusher Davis
Twistastic: Weston Keller
Siamese Spin: Valeria Garza
Tango Twirl: Bianca Lowkeen
Moxi Go Round: Meredith Turner
Vomit Comet: Anita Nother
Gypsy Twist: Crystal Schoefer
Booty Fantastic: Destyn Sublett
The Piston: Cannon Doll X
The Spiral Tap: Monica Jimenez
The Revolver: Gato Jimenez
Circle of Destruction: Jessie Schneider
Derby Wedding Ring: Meredith Kasten Zolty
Rad Rotor: Tamara B Nicholson
Side Grinder: Faith Rolls
Twirl O’ Whirl: Karla Kes Smith
Japanese Ninja Bears: Jumbo Jett
2 fukuyup: Dawnell Wickedspeedia Smith
TAZ~maNiaN she devils! : Mele Ke
Cirque du Roller: Zarina Moreno
Mary’s go-round: Jonah Morales
Royal Flush (because Toilet Bowl was too crass!) : Keren Lowell
The Widow Maker: Hector Arias
The Whoretex: Frankie Rogers
Windmill: Coach Kutthroat Kandie
Pinwheel of Death: RD Roxi
Rolleround: Dogula
Whirling Girlish: Richard Simmons

We will announce the winner by the end of August, and there shall be 3 runner up prizes.

Hugs N Shoves!

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