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Monday, April 18, 2011

I agree, your life sucks (and you totally deserved it)


If you haven't visited the site FMyLife.com you need to. Every sentence starts with "Today..." and explains something crappy that happened that day, and ends with "FML" (in other words, "Fuck My Life"). It's a pretty hilarious site that indulges in funny mishaps or misdoings, but is also raunchy and horrifying and tasteless all at the same time. It's kind of like a car wreck you can't look away from... With each word you are more and more disturbed, but you just can't stop relishing in those who are wallowing. There is also a rating system you can participate in. If you agree the "FML" posted truly sucks, you can click the icon that says "I agree, your life sucks". If you think that's verging on the borderline of rude, you can also click the even meaner icon which says "you totally deserved it" if you feel the person is a whiny douche bag who needs to quit bitching. I myself just tuned in for a little end-of-day unwinding and happened upon this:

Yep, your life DOES suck...AND you totally deserved it. 

For one, if you mention that wish you had gotten hurt doing something bad ass like roller derby, BUT YOU DON'T PLAY ROLLER DERBY, you're right, your life sucks. 

Second of all, if you mention that you wish you had gotten hurt doing something bad ass like roller derby, AND YOU DO PLAY ROLLER DERBY, then I'm right and you totally deserved it. 

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