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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Armen Nazarian Photography

• ...sometimes you get what you need... •

Photo By: Armen Nazarian

Since I moved to Hollywood, and since deciding to stop half-assing skating and dedicate my life 100% to rolling, things seem to simply be falling into place. (Or as George Leonard describes it in his book, I decided to stop “dabbling” and start on the path towards mastery). It is as if the only thing holding me back had been my own fear, and the universe was just waiting for me to get my shit together and wise up so it could start giving me the tools I needed to accomplish my destiny. So many people who I have met recently are shocked to find out I have a past in law and that my bachelor’s degree is in political science. I realize the reason they are so surprised is because being a writer and a roller skater just FITS ME. It suits my personality so well, I understand that when I tell them I used to be in politics, they are surprised because they cannot place me in that setting.

I now know that is the same reason why it was so difficult for me to land a job like that or retain one for very long. Even though I had all the experience and qualifications to work in a political or legal setting, my bosses and co-workers knew and could see what I yet could not: I am not cut out for that type of work. Sure maybe on paper I am, but put me in an office from 9 to 5 and I’ll start hip checking your copy machine and answering the phones in a funny accent. Other people could see this about me, they could tell I was not meant to be there. They knew something I didn’t.

Hey, if the skate fits...
Now I don’t get offended when people act surprised or seem to think I would never be good in politics, (even though I know I am). Now I choose to take it as a compliment and a sign that I have actually found my chosen trade. If I hadn’t, people would be regarding me with that same sort of surprise and disbelief when I told them I am a roller skater and a writer. Instead, they are interested and want to learn more. Why? Because when they see me, they believe I’m a roller skater and writer. People don’t BELIEVE I’m a campaign manager or legal secretary, even when I am.

So since I’ve embraced skating with my whole being, it’s like I have said to the universe, “okay, I’m done screwing around now, let’s do this” and in turn the universe has thrown me the tools I need to make my dream come true. (God only helps those who help themselves, you have to drop the cup to grab the quart, you must sacrifice something to get where you are going, similar clichés, etc…) So this past week I was trolling Craig’s List and found an ad for a photographer looking for free models so he could expand his portfolio. I’ve been really wanting updated professional shots of me on wheels so, on a whim I sent him an e-mail and said, “how about a roller skater?”

He replied back and suggested we meet the next day. It worked out really well. We met near “one of the World’s most famous locations”, the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits. Though he thanked ME for providing him with a model, I was grateful he took so much time with me to make sure we got some good shots. Not to mention, I was getting free photos out of it. Win/Win if you ask me. He said he had never met up with someone off Craig’s List before and was relieved it had worked out. Knowing his opinion of Craig’s List encounters had depended upon meeting me, I was glad it worked out as well. I really like the photos and he was very nice. And despite the fact that I kept twirling around on my skates or re-positioning myself every time he looked down to adjust his camera, he was very patient with me. (I kept saying in my defense, “I’m a skater not a model!”) So if you’re in the LA area and looking for a professional photographer, check him out. Visit his website here.

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