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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Had you been men...

...your behavior would have been completely inappropriate.

Last night at the rink a couple of women were cat calling me. They were hooting and hollering and calling out to me as I passed them with every single lap. They were saying, "Woo!" "You go girl!" And "GO BACKWARDS!". Eventually, I shot them a glare and said, "Stop yelling at me!!!". They looked disgusted. I mean, they looked personally offended.

Later when I was resting on the side of the rink, one of them came up to me and viciously tapped me on the shoulder. (It was more like an assertive poking). I turned around and she said, "We were just asking you to go backwards because you look so cool when you do it" and the other girl looked at me like I had shit on my face, and they walked away.

I'm sure she thought she had come up with a remark that would make ME feel like an asshole, but you know what? Screw you. Had you been men yelling at me like that your behavior would have been completely unacceptable. And I'm sure she thought that because she added an underhanded compliment I would feel bad. Like, I didn't understand that she was just trying to be nice when she was yelling at me or something.

Look. I HEARD you when you said, "Go Backwards!!", I JUST DIDN'T CARE.

Let me make this abundantly absolutely CRYSTAL clear.

I'm not here for YOUR entertainment bitch, I'm here for MINE.

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