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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DIY Derby: Lamps, Shirts, Pillows, Oh my!

I feel like I haven’t done DIY Derby in forever! I’ll try to post something that I myself have made in December. In the mean time, check out a few of the ideas other people have come up with. 

Skate Lamp

This isn’t too original. You can make a lamp out of anything. A good friend of mine has a lamp made out of her high school marching band flute. And it’s not even that pretty of a skate. Sorry.

Hers is a broken crossbones
to symbolize a derby injury!
This is neat for two reasons- I like when people make their own clothes, or alter the designs of the ones they have. For instance, I always take a seam ripper to those 2” x 1” leather tags on the back of jeans advertising whatever brand they are. No thank you. I already paid you your money. I’m done with you! And it’s also cool because she created the cross stitch design herself. We’re going to overlook the fact that she clearly stole the images she used for her pattern off the internet, because um, so did I. And besides, it’s okay to steal images off the internet to make your own t-shirt. It’s like recording a tape off your stereo, or a TV show. Plus, it’s cool, and punk rock. (Not the Hot Topic kind). Check out her entire blog on it.

  Hand Cross Stitched ‘Skate and Crossbones’

This lady’s pictures are a little misleading. It looks like it’s bigger than it is, (or maybe I just assumed it was after finding the images below). It’s not a pillow or stuffed plush toy like I thought originally, it’s a Christmas ornament. Either way, if you want to make one yourself, check out her blog, she posts the pattern.

This one is way cool! It is like a to-scale stuffed roller skate. It all retro looking AND it’s like a real skate –you can actually put it on your foot!

I have to admit though I was totally freaked out when I read that this was the girl’s real leg in the skate. I thought she was holding up a stick or something with her creation on the end of it. Nope. That’s her actual leg.


(I’d give you the link, but she doesn’t tell you how to make it anyway. Also, neither of these things are pillows.)

There ya have it. See ya next month, or, tomorrow.


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