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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Someone's gotta do it

Another blog from years past before "This is How I Roll" existed. I'm so glad I'm a life long writer. I really value being able to look back and see how I felt years ago. It is really self affirming. A little discouraging I'm still in the same place, but still, it feels good.

Mar 19, 2008

Panzies, Cowards and Followers

And this specifically includes several roller derby leagues and organizations:

Saying you "support me" is bogus and simply rhetoric. It simply doesn’t matter what you say, only what you do, and most organizations have typically written me off as a detractor and bad for roller derby.

I have done nothing but be an advocate for skaters rights and frankly, I believe most organizations and leagues I have sought help through are simply cowards who are afraid of attaching their name to such a loose cannon as myself.

I stick by my guns that my ideas and concept of doing things are the right way, and the best way to ensure skater autonomy and safety. I have been nothing but pushed aside, reccommended to other people, and been given empty promises of support and words of encouragement when the truth is that most people are terrified to get involved with me.

What? Because I have the balls to say that there truly are leagues out there that are HURTING girls and unethically raking in the dough???

I truly believe my criticism of poor leagues is what has kept good leagues from supporting me, and that is just bullshit. All lovers of the sport of roller derby should actively pursue leagues that give us a bad name and insist they change their ways. Most leagues are too scared of disbanding themselves to take such a risky stand.

But you know what?

Someone fucking has to.

There needs to be a skater’s union. There needs to be official rules across the board. It cannot vary from league to league. That is just not right and girls are getting hurt and taken advantage of.

Well, apparently, that someone is going to have to be me.

All I have to say, is that when my years of work and committment and dedication have paid off, I will not forget all the "supporters" who really just held me back.

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