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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh my god how could I forget?

I’ve finally decided/realized

that no roller derby league exists to suit my liking. I have researched and googled and queried and gone on many a quest and adventure to find that diamond in the rough of a league to inspire me. To mold and model my own league after. I thought I had found it in the banked track leagues of today until they disappointed me and defeated all my hopes and dreams just like all the rest. I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am not trying to resurrect roller derby. I am not trying to "bring back" the original sport. I have discovered that roller derby has ALWAYS been a farce, and I blame no one who thinks its a bunch of wrestling type phonies who just want to pump their alter egos. Evidence has shown that those people are mostly right. Roller derby was hardly ever a sport and was ALWAYS more of a farce. I was misled and misguided into thinking the skaters of the past, or at least the skaters with true roller derby at heart, were always about athleticism and competition. But really, even the skaters of yesteryear were pretty much all about hamming it up. So. I have realized I am not about the rebirth of roller derby. Fuck roller derby. Roller derby as it stands now and as it was in the past. I am looking to completely change the face of roller derby. And no more will I look to other leagues to model mine after. They simply aren't out there.

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