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Thursday, February 23, 2012



So... I wrote 96 blogs in 2011.
I was writing 10 a month for a good stretch there. 15 months to be exact. Then I started slacking. Part of it was because I got a new job. Part of it stress.

Nevertheless, ... I came back.

And I gave up facebook yesterday for Lent. I'm only on Day 2 and I'm fiending something fierce. God, I just have to TELL PEOPLE WHAT I THINK.

What's wrong with me?

Anyway- so my challenge is this. ... To continue updating my blog with my traditional 10 blogs a month, AND WRITE THE 34 BACK BLOGS I've missed since 2011. (24 in 2011, 10 in January).

My crazy reasoning...

Okay so when I first started this blog, consistency was really important to me. Because when I go to read other people's blogs I look at that.... I try to gauge how consistent their writing it. And if it's inconsistent and out of date, I wouldn't read it. And this blog looks like it's fucking 1999.

So even though maybe I'll feel a little deceptive filling in all those back blogs, I'm admitting to it here, right now. And I'll just feel better about it in the end if my blog doesn't look like such shit.

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