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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Product Review: Fast Girl Skates snap on toe caps

 Product Review Time!

When I started skating, no one in my league was privy to the whole toe cap thing. By the time a few of them had gotten those leather strip toe caps, I had already worn holes through the toes of my skates. I don’t know why I decided that meant I didn’t need toe caps rather than deciding to protect them from further damage, but I guess I just assumed they were shot. I was pretty much in the dark about skate protection for years. When I finally got new skates last year, I wasn’t going to take any chances. Fortunately, the skaters in the league I was with at that time were hip to snap on toe caps. As soon as I saw them on another player’s skates I could tell they were clearly superior to those standard leather ones that slide all around.

Check them out!

This is where I bought my toe caps if you want to pick some up of your very own:

Here is a picture of the type of “leather strip” toe protectors I mentioned, modeled on an actual skate, in case you don’t know what I’m referring to.

As you can see, you have to fit the strip to whichever shoelace eyelet is closest reaching, and because they are leather, they stretch and are bound to slip out of place A LOT. (While this skate has a crappy toe cover, how sweet is the black/white two tone style of the boot? The rude girl in me desperately wants to order these).

I find it an incredible coincidence that I chose this blog from my files yesterday because just last night I actually tore a hole through my snap on toe caps!  Sorry if it's hard to see, but there's a big hole there, I swear. Check it out:

So while I do think this style and shape toe cap is the best- a quick and easy way to improve it would be a better quality material. I'd gladly pay twice the price for these if they lasted.

I have seen toe caps similar to mine in shape but attach via skate lace, (like the leather strip ones) and do not snap, like these shown below. They actually seem like they would not slip- however I have not tried them. Seeing as how I am now in the market for new ones I might be checking these out next, although I'm still not too keen on having to re-lace my entire skate to put them on.

I found those here by the way:  

I thought my snappy toe caps were going to last me years. I have known skaters that said theirs have. It is possible I am just an avid toe dragger, and your toe caps will have a longer life span, but mine lasted about 6 months. =/ However, at about $15-$20 a pair, it might be worth it to protect your $400 Riedells. 

Also, check out these super neat ultra protective customizable skate covers, made by a roller girl and available on Etsy! She has all sorts of styles, colors and cool graphics you can add to make them your own. I just love promoting other creative personalities.

You can find her awesome version of skate protection here:

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