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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

EBRD loves BlackBerry

On Wednesday the 4th and Saturday the 7th of August, the founding members of East Bay Roller Derby had the privilege of being the subject of some test footage for a National Black Berry commercial. We took to the streets on skates, using the Pleasanton Wednesday night street fair as an opportunity to raise awareness about East Bay Roller Derby and connect with our community. In addition, our very own Jenn-A-Cide #925 was interviewed about roller derby and why Blackberry is her favorite phone. We also took some hits for the camera at out outdoor practice space, the rink at the Val Vista Community Park. Now we wait while our test footage is viewed and see if we are invited for casting. We were amazed they wanted to shoot us and not a more established league in the area, but they said the outdoors, hitting-the-streets aspect was the appeal. We would like to thank James Buck (http://jameskarlbuck.com/) for introducing us to this amazing opportunity and Joelle Jaffe for coming out to shoot the footage. In honor of this exciting news, I am posting a cute collection of recent roller derby commercials for you enjoyment. Wish us luck!

You guys may remember this one from a few years ago, when Bam Margera was still popular:


I like this one because I'm actually an avid Aleve user and I think it's bad ass they're supporting roller derby. I have used it as a migraine remedy for more than a decade. I may not use it for pain I get on the track, but I certainly use it to relieve roller derby pain indirectly, if ya know what I mean. It has been the only thing, prescribed or otherwise, that has consistently been a reliable migraine cure for me. (Although I am starting to suspect that is due to it's secret ingredient: caffeine). 


DUDE, this commercial is practically more of a commercial for roller derby than for Cherrios!


Here's Prilosec OTC showcasing roller derby. I like this one because it features Roller Derby from Fairbanks Alaska, and a tip of the hat to anyone in Alaska who finds something kick ass to do, right?


I've always been big on marketing and have always said that roller derby just needs the right promoters for a huge come back. Thankfully, some derby leagues are on the same page and have invested their money in some pretty bad ass commercials of their own. 

Here is how Maine Roller Derby advertised the dates for their Portland Expo:


And in my personal and humble opinion, I think the Cincinnati Rollergirls have done a beautiful job in executing the roller derby commercial. Last but certainly not least and without further ado, I present you the Cincinnati Rollergirls' three-part commercial series. Enjoy!


This one is honestly my favorite, (probably because this actually happens to me at the bar every time I go):


Roller Girls always have each others' backs.


I hope you enjoyed the collection. Please share with me any you find that I'm missing. These were all of the best I could locate. Maybe there will be a roller derby BlackBerry commercial in the future! We spent a lot of hard work and energy making the test shoots work so unfortunately we are canceling our scrimmage on August 13th. Between the lack of committed skaters and shooting footage this week we were simply unable to make it work. As we push forward and chalk it up as a lesson learned, we are eager to get skating and are very excited for our first practice, Monday August 16th. I for one, am excited to report on our success.

And oh yes, I forgot to mention, we made Joelle her very own Roller Derby Jersey!

The front says East Bay Roller Derby, and because she is a film maker we bequeathed upon her the name Ivana Story # b42L8

Of course, we weren't hoping the shirt would help her pick us or anything (=

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