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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

DIY Derby: Make Up

Modern derby seems to have developed an underground feel, and with it- unique and creative personalities. Maybe it is because the skaters are  funding  a  lot of the sport  themselves that  much  of derby  has  a do-it-yourself feel, but I like to believe it’s more than that. I like to believe roller derby attracts creative people. 

One way skaters differentiate themselves is make up. Here’s some photos to give you ideas, and I found some neat tutorials to get you started: 

This is me- I wish I had better photos of my makeup from that night!
Someone I knew who did scary make up made me up for our championship game. (Shout out VooDoo Dolls: Undefeated!)

Woah. Kiss meets trailer park meets roller derby.

FYI- I prefer to watch these videos on MUTE. These girls are good at make up, but annoying as hell.



Good luck executing these super tricky ones. I myself have trouble applying mascara, so usually I just draw an inverted cross on my forehead and growl at other skaters and that tends to be pretty scary. Of course, one of the best moves I ever saw, was another teammate pulling her own fake eye lash off and tossing it in the direction of an opponent. Classy!


  1. oh my gosh, if you love roller derby make up, you must check out this facebook fan page:

    Roller Girls Who Wear Face Paint!


  2. Here is another sweet tutorial of some really scary zombie make up with real looking special effects. Thanks for sharing with me Kutthroat Kandie!